Why Don't You Love Me?

by T. Abernathy

I was there for you when you needed me,

I gave you my love unconditionally,

You acted like it didn't matter,

All at once my dreams were shattered,

The only time you needed me,

Is when someone else just set you free,

I've always waited around for you,

Sitting, wondering what to do,

I tried to make you happy,

I tried to make you see,

But,you just never had the time to ever notice me,

I try to forget you, but every time we meet,

I just can't let you go,

You make it so hard on me,

I tell myself I'm over you,

But I know it's a lie, cause I'm still in love with you.

Not a day goes by that I don't want you here with me,

I just can't understand why you don't love me?

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