National Honor Society Taps New Members

by M. Thornton

The National Honor Society had their annual tapping ceremony February 12 at the HHS library. In order to be invited to this club you must have a 93 average. The purpose of this club is to encourage academic achievement and to also develop important characteristics such as service, character, leadership, and scholarship. The NHS has participated in helping out younger children that need assistance with their homework and also in helping families in need.

The officers consist of: President- A. Pugh, Vice President- K. Moore, Secretary- S. Parish, and Treasurer- J. Baker. When asked about the purpose of this club, the sponsor, Mrs. Betty Warren said, "We encourage students to try a little harder and raise the average to a 93, because it will matter in the future that they did the best that they possibly could in their high school years."

The newly inducted sophomores are J. Broglin, K. Cook, A. Fisher, M. Hurt, L. Kennedy, A. Laws, C. McCaslin, J. Meeks, B. Newsome, J. Noblin, A. Sadler, K. Terry, and R. Terry. Juniors are B. Harrell and W. McCadney. The one and only newly inducted senior is T. Sheraden. The membership of the National Honor Society is an honor and we congratulate the new members.

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