More Than I Can Bear

by A. Sauber

Jackie Robinson. Thurgood Marshall. Gwendolyn Brooks. Shirley Chisholm. Maggie Lena Walker. These are just a few famous African-Americans who helped shape history. Their efforts were discussed in detail on February 10th at the 5th annual HHS Black History Celebration.

C. Bates, sophomore, acted as mistess of ceremonies and introduced everyone as they came out. The Ripley High School Choir began the program with a beautiful harmonizing of "Lift Every Voice and Sing." J. and J. Trevillian, juniors, touched the hearts of many as they vocalized "Lean on Me." Student speakers who delivered biographies at the program were D. Walker, senior; L. McCadney, L. Glynn, L. Campbell, juniors; V. Piphus, sophomore; W. McCadney, and J. Wakeham, freshmen. "The Struggle" was pronounced by R. Patrick, senior. K. Harrell, sister of G. and B. Harrell, sang "Just a Prayer Away." Guest speaker Mrs. Ellena Gooch gave an inspiring and informative speech about South Africa and race relations.

To conclude the program, Mr. Andy Pugh thanked everyone who participated in the program for their hard work and dedicated the program to Ms. Kathy Cherry. Students, guests, and faculty then took a moment of silence to reflect about and pray for Ms. Cherry.

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