by S. Spencer

"I'm bored!" This is a statement that everyone has said at one point or another, especially when they are at school. Maybe it is not school, in general, maybe it is the classes. What if you could choose the school that only taught mostly one subject, and it was the subject that you were interested in? This is a reality.

Throughout the world, students are attending "magnet schools." These are schools that specialize in general education and a certain subject, such as performing arts. "Magnet schools" help to better the student's education in that specific area while touching on traditional subjects. Usually the student spends half of the day in systematic studying, and the other half is spent in regular classes. Usually, classes are taught in the same location, but some of these schools are only open for half of the day, and only for the area that the school is specialized in.

Although these schools sound great, they have many problems. The administrators of these high schools were appointed to their positions, not because of their certification of education, but because of their interests and experiences in the subject that they are teaching. They are subject to budget cuts and money shortages. These considerations limit the equipment that they have or need in order to learn.

"Magnet schools" have four major advantages over regular high schools:

*The atmosphere created by talented students and administrators is both challenging and motivating. Surrounding the students with other talented students makes them expect more from themselves. This creates an attitude that cannot be matched in a traditional high school.

*The areas that are a primary concern to the students are emphasized.

*The amount of time given to an individual's interests is increased

*The higher ability to learn gives the students higher expectations of themselves. The most attentive person in a traditional high school does not do as well as they would if they were among 10 or 15 students, who are struggling to accomplish the same achievements.

In conclusion "magnet schools" might be good for some who are seeking an alternative to regular high schools. Placing you in a smaller class is definitely a plus, but, on the other hand, it does not seem to educate students in what they really need in order to suceed in life. More traditional schools have a requirement of learning skills that will help you better yourself around people while bettering yourself in the skill that you hope to accomplish. School might be boring, but life is not.

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