Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I'm writing to talk about the five minutes between classes. I don't think it's right to take away our ten minutes just because a few people got into a fight. It's not fair to those people who were not involved in the fight. As for myself, I didn't even know the fight was happening until it was over. Five minutes is not sufficient time to go to your locker, use the restroom, and still make it to class on time. I was tardy to class several times last semester, and I had to serve detentions for it. Taking away the ten minutes is not, in any way, going to stop fights. If two people want to fight badly enough, they can just as easily do it in five minutes as they can in ten minutes. So when you really think about it, there are no advantages to having only five minutes, and it's completely pointless. In conclusion, I just don't think the whole school should be punished for the ignorant behavior of a couple people.

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