Jerry Springer Loves Stupid Women

by L. Cates

Jerry Springer's TV show is zooming in the national ratings. In some cities, he's even beating out Oprah, who always takes the high road on her show. Men get into fights on the show, but the women are down right ridiculous. A certain kind of women is exploited on a daily basis via The Jerry Springer Show. Yes, I am talking about white, black, and Hispanic women- women of all kinds- with no self pride or dignity who, for a few minutes of TV time will scratch, fight, kick, pull each others wigs and blouses off and fight over a man...or as they say, "My baby's daddy." These women fight over men who couldn't care less about them or their kids.

Springer's show thrives on the emotions and ignorance of women in lust. I often wonder, "How do these women hold their heads up high when they go back to their neighborhoods?" I guess they don't have sense enough to be ashamed.

The audience, goodness the audience. They egg the people on and Jerry always looks shocked, as if he had no idea that the volatile guests would act ignorant. The audience and Jerry obviously get excited by watching the confrontations. I have seen pregnant women do battle over a man to make sure that he comes home with her- OKAY!!!

You know, the more I think about it, Springer is a pretty smart guy. If the women want to fight, curse, and look stupid on TV, why shouldn't he provide the means and get rich in the process? It's no skin off his "nose"! I just feel sorry for those kids who have to call these women "MOM"!

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