The Hot Rod of the Month is Here!

by Mary Ellen Mathis

In the beginning we told you all about the clunkers at HHS, but now we have progressed to the choosing hot rods.

This month's hot rod belongs to G. Johnson, senior at HHS. She drives an awesome purple 1997 Ford Mustang which she bought herself about one month ago at Jerol Hopkins Ford in Covington. She said the first thing she did was clean the car because it really needed it. Then she went riding around to show off her new toy. She often wonders how she got a car as nice as this one, as awful as she thinks her old one was. G. said " I am very proud, and I love my car, but even now my car remains dirty." G. said, " My car drives very well and it can really get up and go." There's a muddy road near G.'s house that she has to go down every day so her car gets really dirty. She must really love her car to get out in 40 degree weather just to wash it.

The former owner of the car told G. after she had bought the car to be careful because it had been shot at. Would you buy a car if it had been shot at? I know I would think twice about it.

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