Who Hosted District Tournaments This Year?

by L. Cates

Our new gymnasium has brought lots of attention to HHS. The roaring tiger in the middle of the shiny waxed floors and the fresh popcorn in the concession stand have brought hoards of people to the Tiger games. The week of February 17 brought crowds as well, not for the new gym, but for District Tournaments. The tournaments, which were held February 17-23, were kicked off on Tuesday night with the Lady Tigers of HHS against Memphis Mitchell's Tigers with a Lady Tiger's of HHS victory.

The second game of the evening was Bradford's Devils and Trenton's Tide ending in a Red Devils victory. Thursday night's games were the Lady Tigers and Bradford Red Devils, turning out a Bradford triumph. The following game was Trenton Tide versus Lake County Falcons, ending in a Falcon win. Friday brought yet another host of challenges, for the guys this time. The first game was Trenton Tide and Lake County Falcons, Trenton taking the gold. Our Tigers versus Memphis Mitchell bringing a HHS success was the second game. Saturday night's games were our Tigers against Trenton Tide, and the Tigers stole all the action. The last game before the Consolation and Championship games were Bradford and the Falcons ending with a Red Devil attainment. Finally the big night arrived. Who are the winners of the 1998 District Tournaments? Trenton Tide. The spotlight of our Tigers was on N. Bennett, junior and T. Reed, a junior as well. These boys played an excellent game showing off that "Tiger Toughness." Hosting tournaments was a first for Halls and ended in a great success.

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