First of the Century, Best of the Century

by A. Fisher

On Wednesday, February 18 the Herff Jones representative came to talk to the sophomore class about rings. This took place during activity period in the cafeteria. He passed out pamphlets for them to choose how they wanted their ring. Then he showed the sophomore class several different styles of rings. The Herff Jones Company has come up with a new tiger to go on the spirit side for the Class of 2000 only. The ring has a new tiger, and also on the spirit side it says "First of the century and best of the century." All of the sophomore class were so excited about ordering their rings. He came back Tuesday, February 24 to pick up the order form and the deposit for the ring. Students had to put down a $50 deposit for a gold ring and a $20 deposit for an ultrium ring. You will see sophomores showing off their new rings in a few months.

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