Lets Get ready to Tumble

by H. Cox

"Go Tigers, Let's score, Beat that team!" This cheer is one that you may hear coming from HHS cheerleaders. Cheerleaders work very hard year-round preparing for the upcoming seasons. They prepare for the seasons by attending camp. During the week of camp, the squad stays on campus in the dorm rooms of the college. At camp you meet many other squads that are just like yours, plus you make life-long friends. With work comes fun. While at camp this past summer, the girls were treated with a watermelon feast, popsicles, Baskin Robbins' ice cream, and a dance.

Cheerleading is expensive, so fund raisers are a necessity. One of the prime fund raisers is the meat sale. Along with the meat sales, the girls raise money by washing cars, selling baked goods, selling mugs, and performing a kiddie camp.

The most important thing the girls do is to cheer their team on to victory or defeat. During the days between the games, they support their team by saying, "You played a good game last night," or "Good job." Not only are they expected to do this, they are expected to do this willingly.

Not only is cheering fun, but you make friends that will last forever. You confide in your squad members. You do not only cheer at the games, but the squad performs at different events like Relay for Life, to raise money for the fight against cancer, and the annual Lauderdale County Tomato Festival. Cheerleaders do recieve a lot of recognition.

For tryouts, the girls usually have a three day camp in which you learn a cheer, a chant, and a dance. For tryouts you are required to do a series of three advanced jumps; the cheer, chant, and dance; and answer a question. The question could be, "If picked, what will you do in order to improve your squad," or "If the captain tells you to do something that you disagree with, how would you handle it?"

There are certain regulations that must be followed in order to be an HHS cheerleader. Even though stereotypically cheerleaders are massive airheads, this is not true here. Cheerleaders must maintain at least a 70 average to remain on the squad. All members are expected to be at all practices and games which can sometimes be very stressful. Cheerleaders must always set an appropriate example, so any member suspended from school or receiving disciplinary actions detrimental to the reputation of HHS or the squad, will be immediately suspended for the remainder of the year and will not be allowed to try out next year. You must be able to get along with everyone on the squad, therefore, a positive attitude is mandatory. Anyone found breaking these rules will receive demerits.

Cheering is hard work, but a lot of fun. It is a very rewarding experience seeing the amazement on a young child's face when they see you in public. "Do you remember me? You were my teacher at kiddie camp last year." It is a great feeling of accomplishment when fans come up to you after the game to tell you you did a great job. When the team wins it is an even greater feeling of accomplishment to know you were cheering for the teams. Cheerleading is a very rewarding experience you do not want to let pass you by.

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