Capital Punishment

by K. Lee

The death penalty: is it right or is it wrong? Many people have different opinions on this subject. There are several different angles of the story to look at. Many people are serving time on death row for a crime they didn't commit. Innocent people are spending their lives locked behind cold bars paying the price for someone else's cruel, coldhearted choices. These innocent people are facing the death chamber. There is no getting out.

Once you are on death row the decision is made. This gives us the thought that maybe the death penalty shouldn't be enforced.

Many are undecided. Senior M. Thornton states, " I think that if you confessed that you have done the crime you should do the time, but if you don't confess and there is no evidence to prove that you are guilty then they shouldn't give you the death penalty until they have the proof to convict you." For those who are innocent and are facing death for something they had no idea about, how could this law be fair? Should those who didn't commit this crime pay for the ones who did, and should those who did have their lives taken too? For those who did, why take their life? Sophomore A. Sauber states, "I don't think you can teach someone not to kill by killing them. A murdered person's death cannot be amended by taking the life of the killer. It's not going to bring that person back."

Could you imagine being the one to decide whether or not someone should live or die not knowing if they are guilty or not? How can we teach others not to kill by killing them? How is any of this fair? What if you were put in this position, how would you react? These are some of the questions people ask themselves everyday.

Sometimes we even wonder if race has anything to do with the decisions on who is sent to the death chamber. Statistics show that in 1993 a total of 38 people were executed under civil authority, 23 white and 14 black. These were all executed for murder alone. But with a total of 2,154 blacks and 1,864 whites 4,089 were sent to prison under the death sentence; only 3,564 were executed. Having 71 people under the death sentence, Texas has the highest count since 1977.

Is the death sentence fair? How can we change anything or can we? Should everyone be executed for capital punishment? In my opinion I do not believe in it. I believe that if someone is already spending their lives behind the bars then why kill them? It just needs to be out of the question to be able to get out.

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