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Do you want to get your business on the web?

Yes? Then you are looking in the right place.

We can make you business shine on the web. We don't go overboard with a lot of flash. Those fancy things take a long time to load, clutter the screen, and drive customers away. The best page is a well organized simple page. Simple doesn't mean lax on content. We can put all the information you want up, but organize it is such a way that it isn't cramped on the screen.

Need to see some samples?

We have several pages we'd be glad to show you. Click some of the links below and browse these business's pages. When you want to come back here, use your browser's back button or click the link to CSS Web Spinning on the bottom of any of the business pages.

What else can CSS Web Spinning do?

We can take professional pictures at your business location or scan pictures you already have. We can put your logo and graphics on your page. We also have thousands of graphics that can be used on your page. If you want that special grpahic we can help contract a graphic artist to get just the look you want. We can host your web page, design the page for hosting elsewhere, or set up a computer in your business to host.

What about realibility?

We test our pages on several platforms and browser versions. This includes Windows, Macs, and Unix. Netscape, Internet Explorer, and even text based browsers. The flashy sites you may see on your Windows XP machine may not even load on other platforms. We don't limit your internet exposure this way. Your page will be veiwable by all popular browsers and platforms.

Will I be up with the times?

We will use the latest technology available without sacrificing backwards compatibility. Users of the latest browsers, version 6 of Netscape and IE, will enjoy special content, but all the critical content will be viewable on all platforms.

What about changes?

Your page should always tie in with what you are doing in other forms of advertising. It should also change with the season. And, most importantly, once a customer visits your page you want him to come back. If he sees the same old thing on your page every time, he is unlikely to keep coming back. It is important to change some content each month to keep you page looking fresh. We can either do this for you and help you to learn to do it yourself.

Need hosting information?

Hosting is setting up a computer to store web pages until users try to access it, then giving them pages, graphics, etc. on demand. CSS Internet Services can host your page, or just design your page for others to host. We can also set up a compuer at your business to host. This method gives you the most control over content and will let you provide up-to-the minute information to your customers.

What about prices?

You can easily get started of $99.00. This includes the first 3 hours of development time and 3 months of hosting. After that, your page could be as low as $19.50/month. It is up to you to provide the content - we can assist you with this, but most of our efforts will be directed at layout and organization, with your input whenever you wish.

The answer to all your business's web page needs.

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