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The Holiday Season is fast approaching and you may be considering getting a new computer. Wherever you get your computer, be careful about signing a contract for internet service that doesn't offer a local number for access here in Lauderdale County. When the time comes get on the internet in Lauderdale County, it is time to talk to CSS Internet Services. For local, unmetered internet access in Lauderdale County, CSS Internet Services is the only name you need to know. With a CSS Internet Services account you can also access AOL and WebTV with a local number. You can sign up for CSS Internet Services on the square in Ripley at Precision Technologies or in Gates at BV's Electronics. For more information call CSS Internet Services at 836-9437. For Lauderdale County, internet service without long distance charges, and no per minute charges call CSS Internet Services at 836-9437. See our web page at

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