There is a unique restaurant with really good food at a great price. You bought a ticket to an all-you-can-eat buffet good for an entire month. Most everyone loves the buffet and wouldn't want it any other way. Most people (in fact 95% of them) eat off the buffet in close to the same way. They drop in for an occasional meal. Some eat a lot, while some nibble. The restaurant owner had counted on this and this was how it was possible to have such good food at a great price.

Thinking the restaurant might get more business, the owner told you it was okay for someone else, like your spouse, friend or children to sample something off your plate as long as you were there. Seemed everything was fine and dandy.

Then, a few people started letting their spouse take their ticket and eat all they could. In fact, some are taking shifts with everyone at their house. Some are living at the restaurant. Some have learned how to take out bags of food and not even eat it. Some are doing things that the restaurant owner never dreamed of, but nonetheless, are eating a lot more food than the buffet was intended for.

The restaurant keeps running out of food at certain times and the restaurant owner is wondering what to do. Because the food sometimes ran out, others go and pile up the food on a plate and save a place at a table for long periods of time. The problem seems to be snowballing.

Part of the uniqueness of the restaurant is that there is no staff to see exactly what each person does with their food every time they visit the buffet. The restaurant only can tell how much food is loaded on to a plate by each ticket.

Would you want to eat at this restaurant? What would you do if you were the restaurant owner? Raise the ticket price on everyone so you can buy more food? Charge those who eat by the garbage bag more? Close up shop? Do away with the buffet and charge by the plate? How would you feel if you were one who kept showing up and there was no food? How would you feel if you were in the 5% and the owner told you something needed to change?


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