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Bank of Tipton Savings Accounts

REGULAR SAVINGS A basic savings account that earns interest quarterly. Minimum open deposit of $50.00
CHRISTMAS CLUB AFT A special account for individuals who want to save money for Christmas or Holiday expenses. Minimum open deposit of $10.00. All deposits must be made via AFT (Automatic Funds Transfer). Maximum not to exceed $10,000.00
CHRISTMAS CLUB PAYROLL This account is for individuals who would like money taken from their payroll for Christmas or Holiday expenses. All deposits must be made through the customers' employer. Minimum Open Deposit of $10.00.
OZZIE OWL CLUB The OZZIE OWL CLUB is designed for children up to 12 years of age. The children can earn prizes as they save such as pencils, erasers, balloons, t-shirts, and much more! Minimum Open Deposit $25.00
SAVERS ADVANTAGE A special savings plan that offers competitive interest rates and allows you to open with only $500.00. Minimum Deposits of $25.00 can be made anytime. Term is 12 months and will be a time deposit. Penalty for early withdrawal.

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