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Bank of Tipton Loans

AGRICULTURALA loan provided to the customer for agricultural purposes such as land purchase, crop production, equipment, livestock, etc.
COMMERCIALA short term renewable loan provided to the customer to finance seasonal working capital of a business. It is usually a single pay loan mainly used for business purposes with a maturity of six months to a year.
PERSONALA loan provided to the customer for any worthwhile purpose such as vacation expense, appliance purchase, bill consolidation, auto or for any number of other purposes. Personal loans may or may not be secured.
RESIDENTIALLoans used to purchase or refinance a home. Interest rates locked in for 1 - 3 years and payments based on 5, 10, 15, or 20 years amortization.
STUDENTA loan that was established by the Tennessee Legislature to help students pay for the cost of a post-secondary education. Interest is paid by the government until student begins a payback schedule. Student loans have a repayment grace period of six months from date of graduation. The variable interest rate which is adjusted annually will not exceed 8.25%.

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