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Bank of Tipton Checking Accounts

A+ STUDENTA special checking account package for students that offers unlimited check writing, NO monthly service charge, NO minimum balance, and receive first order of Bank of Tipton checks FREE.
A checking account package that offers more products and services for an economical advantage to our customers. Included in the benefits of BANCLUB are unlimited check writing, free personalized checks, free money orders, credit card protection, accidental death and dismemberment insurance, Savers Club discounts and many more. For additional products and services other than what BANCLUB offers try our BANCLUB PLUS checking account. Minimum Open Deposit $100.00
An economical account for those customers who are 50 or older. Benefits include unlimited check writing, free personalized checks, NO service charge, and much more. Minimum Open Deposit $100.00. With CHAIRMAN'S ADVANTAGE, you would be eligible for a home inventory log, safe deposit box log, asset organizer and much more in addition to the CHAIRMAN'S CLUB benefits
MONEY MARKETAn interest bearing checking account for those customers who want to put their money to work for them. Minimum Open Deposit - $2,500. Limited check writing privileges.
A NOW account is an interest bearing checking account with unlimited check writing. Minimum Open Deposit $1000.00 With our SUPER NOW account the interest rate is higher. Minimum Open Deposit- $2,500.00.
REGULARA basic checking account for those individuals who are just starting their banking business. Minimum Open Deposit-$100.00. NO service charge if the balance is above $500.00.

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