New Billing System

On May 20th, CSS Internet Services will be going to a different
billing system which will include a new reduced rate for credit card customers.

The simple facts about the new billing system:

The simple facts about the new credit card only rate

The nitty gritty details:

Starting in May your billing statement will look different and be billed from a different address. We will also offer a new billing method and new reduced rate. The new rate will only be available to credit card customers. The billing for this plan will be automatic each month on the first and be $19.95 plus tax. You will have to pay the full price of any past due charges in order to receive the new rate for future months. We will not go back and change the rate for past months. You can get the rate for May's bill by calling ECS at 836-0191 and asking for Elaine or Mary before the first of the month. If you owe a past due amount, this amount must be charge to your credit card that day.

For all mailed billings the new due date is the 1st of the month. Previously the due date was the 25th. This gives you an extra week to pay. Bills will be mailed out on or around the 20th. Previously it was the 15th.

Unpaid accounts will be automatically be locked by the new billing system without human intervention when it is several days late. This means even my mom's account will get locked when it is late. Accounts will be automatically unlocked when payment is rendered. The POST date is the important element, not the date you mail it.

Passwords will be reset to the original when the change is first made on the 15th of May. If you have changed your password you will need to call and reset it.

The new number for internet support and billing information will be 836-0191.

The new billing address is :
640-I Hwy 51 Bypass E
Dyersburg TN 38024

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