Connection problems from Ripley

If you get an operator recording, your call is never reaching us. It is stuck in the Bell switch somewhere.

People from Ripley are having problems connecting. Halls is not having this problem. It is a BellSouth problem. There is something you can do to help.

If you are getting an operator recording when you dial 836-0271, we need your help. We have reported this problem from our side back on Monday, March 15. We have been going around and around about this with BellSouth for two days now. To help BellSouth realize the how important Ripley customers are, I strongly suggest that you call Bell's service number at 557-6111 and report the following problem:

Long Version

I am in Ripley Tennessee, my phone number is 901-xxx-xxxx. I am have having problems calling a certain phone number. When I dial 836-0271 I keep getting an "All circuits are busy" operator recording. Occasionally, I will get through. This is my Internet service providers dial in number. My ISP has said they have reported the problem to Bell but I am still having problems. This has been occurring since the afternoon of Monday, March 15.

Short Version

My number is 901-xxx-xxxx, when I call 836-0271 I keep getting a operator recording that says, "All circuits are busy". What is wrong?

If we get the residential side pushing perhaps we can get more resources allocating to rectify this problem. They will tell you it has been reported and they are working on it. If you are still getting the operator recording after a few hours, you might call again. This is up to you. I am not telling you to call, only suggesting that it might help expidite the repairs if Bell is more aware how many of it's customers are being affected.

You may get transfered a time or two, but keep saying that when you dial 836-0271 you get an operator recording, "All circuits are busy".

Please don't complain, just report the problem. thank you

NOTE: If you have Internet Explorer 3.0+ and sound turned on, you will hear the operator recording in the background.

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