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---Here are some interesting links---

CNet Central: a very comprehensive site on computers and hardware
CNet's Gamecenter
Tim Spencer's Weird Links: A Weekly Demonstration of Why Your Mother Wouldn't Like The Web!!!
The Star Wars Multimedia Page: a sound archive and other neat Star Wars Stuff
The Official Star Wars Home Page
If you like games and socializing, this site is for you. It containsZMud which is a telnet client that allows you to play MUD's on the internet with easier access. My friend Robert Jones can be found at Dutch Mountains. If you wnjoy socializing, I suggest you give MUDs a try
There is a beginners guide to HTML here. Go ahead and build your own web page.

Here are links to my good friends Robert Jones' and Shelley Keen's home pages. I hope to soon be in competition with them for the "Boring Award for Web Pages" awarded to pages that are not frequently changes and seldom win awards.

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