Stepping Stones to Aviation

Sponsored by The Bank of Ripley.

This is the first year of participation for "Stepping Stones to Aviation". Every parent or grandparent of a child from 3 to 7 years old will want to give him/her plenty of time to manipulate these pedal airplanes around a miniature airport.

According to World AirShow News, "Besides hopefully planting the seens for a new crop of aviatore, the novel airport experience gives children a lesson in attention to procedures, safety, and cooperation in a fun environment they will remember for a long time. After they finish the course, they receive a certificate, which authenticates their success.

James and Sandra Dziubanek of Madison, Alabama have indeed hit upon a unique program. These pedal airplanes include a 7-foot wing span P-51, F14 Tom Cat Jet, AT7 and a Christian Eagle.

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