Orginally thought to be a T-6, the alert surfer below sent this:

This is a T-28.
Whoever told you that the picture was a T-28 was correct. I have run a T-6 restoration service for 10 years and hold STC's (Supplemental Type Certificates) on the North American AT-6 or T-6 as it was also called. I've written a book about them, and have a Website t-6.com
The AT classification was applied to show it as an "Advanced Trainer." Later after the USAAC became the USAF, the "A" was dropped, and the aircraft were called T-6D's T-6F's, and T-6G' setc. The comparable model Navy aircraft were SNJ-5, -6, & -7.
This is definitely a T-28 pictured. Too much dihedral (wing angle) for a T-6, different engine installation, and most definitely, a differing windscreen/canopy. They were both manufactured by North American Aviation, Los Angeles, Ca.....T-6's from 1935 to 1945. Rebuilt as T-6G from old airframes 1951 through 1953. USAF T-28 started development in 1948; was integrated into USAF training 1956. Navy used Beechcraft T-34 Mentor as trainer. Both services later went to pure jet trainers.
Absolutely a T-28, not a T-6! Regards, Bill Todd

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