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Halls Air Sho '97

"Aviation on Parade"

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Pictures taken the day of the show by Robert Jones.

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Thanks for making Halls Air Sho '97 the success it was.


SEE 'REAL' BOMB RUNS!!! Come to Halls Air Sho '97, August 23th and 24th, 1997!

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See Warbirds, Civilian Performers, Modern Military Displays, Military Vehicle Displays, vendors and special activities for children.

Warbirds include the B-17 Fuddy Duddy, three P-51s, P-47, six T-6s, Tora "Kate" and Stearman. Other airplanes are T-28, T-41, YO-55, L-3B, L-5, L-17, Electra L 10-A, TBM "Avenger", Wings of Gold Formation Team

And there's more -- Russian Aerobatic Yak 55M, Yak 9, Sukoi 26, Screaming Eagles Parachute Team, Blackhawk Helicopter, Hot Air Ballons, hovercraft rides, helicopter rides, Big Band Dance, other acts being added as the date approaches...

Each year, The Dyersburg Army Air Base Memorial Associaion, Inc. brings to the Town of Halls, the county of Lauderdale, the state of Tennessee, and The United States of America (Sol 3 of the Milky Way?) a spectacular display of aviation.

While most of the show is dedicated to showcasing World War 2 aircraft, it is also a celebration of aviation in general. This two day event includes many stunts including paratrooping/parachuting, bomb runs, displays of fully restored WW2 aircraft, celebrities of WW2, fun for the whole family and more.

B-17 Fuddy Duddy

The Big Plane
The B-17 was at first lightly armed. However, following Pearl Harbor, it went into combat with armor plate and all-around machine-gun emplacements. Fortresses were defended by as many as 13 heavy machine guns. The underside was protected by a ball turret and 2 waist gunners. A tail gunner was added to the B-17E and all subsequent models.

Halls Air Sho '97

The aircraft on the web pages are those scheduled to be at the show. Weather conditions and mechanical problems could affect the appearance of some crafts.

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